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Full Upright and Slant Memorials

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Embarking on the journey of selecting a memorial, whether for yourself of a cherished individual, often gives rise to numerous questions. Our blog, “Guiding Your Memorial Journey” , serves as a comprehensive guide, leading you through each phase – from selection and design to customization and purchase. In the diverse landscape of memorial choices, Upright and Slant memorials stand out, and this article explores their construction, optimal placement, and design possibilities. 






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Slant Memorials 

A Slant Memorial features a steep pitch from back to front, with a larger polished face compared to Flush-in-the-Ground markers  or Bevel Memorials. It is installed on an in-ground, level foundation, possibly with an additional base, and is positioned at the head of the grave space.  



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Full Upright Memorial

Upright Memorials 

In contrast, a Full Upright Memorial represents the largest and most prevalent above-ground memorial. Comprising three pieces  – the tablet (upper section usually containing all the lettering), a base directly beneath the tablet, and a foundation placed level in the ground.  

The majority of Upright Memorials feature the individual’s name(s), significant dates (birth, passing, marriage), and designs that resonate with the individual(s) or their family. Design choices encompass traditional options with lower detail, deep cuts utilizing natural coloration and shadow to enhance the image, as well as laser options characterized by high detail, low-depth cuts relying on high relief granites to bring our intricate images. Our dedicated design specialists will guide you through this process, offering recommendations to ensure the highest quality for your specific granite choice. 


At Forever Stone Memorials, your satisfaction is our top priority, and we adhere to a thorough design and lettering approval process. This meticulous approach ensures that every customer receives exactly what they envision for their memorial.