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With over 125 years of experience, we here at Forever Stone Memorials, formerly known as Fergus Falls Monument Company, specialize in helping people honor their loved ones with exquisite craftsmanship, distinctive memorials, and exceptional customer service. Our dedication lies in crafting beautiful memorials that stand the test of time, all with the utmost compassion and understanding.  

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  • 1883: Founded in Fergus Falls, Minnesota. 
  • Late 1800s: Martin T. Nelson and T.H. Thoreson established a coal and lumberyard, which evolved into a profitable business. They initiated a monument business adjacent to their coal yard at 219 E. Lincoln Avenue. 
  • After Mr. Thoreson’s passing, Mr. Nelson managed both businesses but eventually sold to Ben Molstre due to the overwhelming workload. 
  • 1922: Ben Molstre sold the business after enduring challenging times. 
  • 1922 – 1938: Carrol Wesland and Mr. Karlson purchased the business and revitalized operations, implementing modern equipment such as an electric crane and air tools. 
  • 1938 – 1947: Knute Hanson and Ted Norman managed the business, crafting intricate monuments that often required extensive labor. 
  • 1947: Elmer and Charles Johnson acquired the business from Hanson and Norman. 
  • 1949: Elmer sold his share to his brother Albert, and they continued operations until selling to Earl Phillips. 
  • After three years, Earl Phillips encountered difficulties and sold the business to the Welle brothers. 
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Ralph and Gilbert Welle propelled the Fergus Falls Monument Company to prominence in certain regions of the tri-state area, expanding sales and staff. Tragically, Gilbert passed away in 1961 due to a heart attack, followed by Ralph’s untimely death in a car accident in 1970.

Following Ralph’s tenure, his sons, Bob and Tom Welle, led the company for 44 years, relocating to Pebble Lake Road in 1977. In 2005, they expanded to Morris, Minnesota, where they continue to serve the community to this day. Recognizing the need for a generational transition in 2013, Bob and Tom passed the reins to the next generation. 

Today, Bob’s sons, Ryan and Mike, lead the company with dedicated employees, maintaining the tradition of offering top-quality memorials at reasonable prices. In the fall of 2021, Ryan and Mike expanded further with the acquisition of Stennes’ Granite, now operating as Grand Cities Monument under the Forever Stone Memorials umbrella.


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Tom Welle
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Bob Welle
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Ryan and Michael Welle