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Navigating Cemetery Regulations

When it comes to commemorating our loved ones, choosing the right inscription for a memorial is a deeply personal decision. Whether you’re planning for yourself or a family member, understanding the options available within cemetery regulations can help guide your choices. 

At Forever Stone Memorial, we understand the importance of navigating these decisions with care and clarity. Let’s explore the options available for memorial inscriptions and how they align with cemetery regulations. 





Double Inscriptions: Honoring Two Lives 

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Depending on your plot and cemetery regulations, you may opt for a single inscription or a double inscription on your memorial. If your burial plot accommodates two individuals, a double-inscribed memorial can beautifully honor both lives. 

The design typically features the family name prominently at the top, followed by inscriptions for each individual. This arrangement not only celebrates the unity of family but also provides a lasting tribute to each person’s unique legacy. 





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In some cases, families may wish to include an additional individual on the memorial, such as a child. This is considered a double inscription with an “additional inscription” and is a poignant way to ensure that loved ones remain together for eternity. 




Single Inscriptions: A Singular Tribute 

Perales Singleinscription 800x600For those with a single plot, a single inscription is the fitting choice. This inscription captures the essence of one individual’s life, serving as a timeless tribute to their memory. 

Whether single or double, each inscription is a testament to the profound impact that our loved ones have had on our lives and communities. 




Navigating Cemetery Regulations 

Understanding cemetery regulations is essential when selecting a memorial inscription. While the process may seem daunting, our professional team at Forever Stone Memorial is here to guide you every step of the way. 

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We work closely with you to understand your cemetery’s specific requirements and ensure that your chosen inscription complies with all regulations. Our goal is to create a memorial that not only meets regulatory standards but also reflects your vision and honors your loved ones with dignity and respect. 


Choosing the right inscription for a memorial is a deeply meaningful endeavor. Whether you opt for a single or double inscription, understanding cemetery regulations and working with a knowledgeable team can help streamline the process and alleviate any concerns. 

At Forever Stone Memorial, we are dedicated to providing compassionate support and expert guidance as you navigate this important journey. Together, we can create a lasting tribute that beautifully commemorates the lives of your loved ones for generations to come.