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Navigating the process of selecting a memorial, whether for yourself or a cherished loved one, often raises numerous questions. Our blog, “Guiding Your Memorial Journey” , serves as a comprehensive guide, leading you through each step – from selection and design to customization and purchase. Within the vast landscape of memorial options, Low Profile Memorials are a great option, and this article delves into their construction, optimal placement, and diverse design capabilities. ` 






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Bevel Memorials 

A Bevel Memorial, an above-ground granite memorial, features a slight elevation of approximately 2 inches at the back compared to the front. This design requires a foundation for stability, crafted from either granite or cement and placed level in the ground. 




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Flat or Flush-In-The-Ground Memorials 

Flush-in-the-ground Memorials, also known as Flat Memorials or Markers, lie level with the ground, contrasting with Upright or Slant Memorials. Traditionally positioned at the foot of graves, evolving burial practices, such as cremation and multiple burials in a single grave, have shifted traditions. Many now opt for shared resting places, emphasizing the need for clear communication among family, cemetery committees, and monument companies to prevent misplacement. 



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Discover design possibilities, whether traditional with lower-detail, deep cuts enhancing natural coloration and shadow, or laser designs featuring high-detail, low-depth cuts showcasing intricate designs using high-relief granites such at Jet Black or Coffee Brown. Our design specialists are dedicated to guiding you through the process and recommending options that ensure the highest quality for your chosen granite, especially considering the limited space constraints of Low Profile Memorials. We offer tailored designs for smaller areas, typically including names, dates, and personalized designs, ranging from traditional styles to laser designs. Given their exposure to elements, we recommend traditional designs for durability. 

At Forever Stone Memorials, we prioritize your satisfaction, employing an extensive design and lettering approval process. This meticulous approach guarantees that each customer receives precisely what they envision for their memorial.